Kandi Kandid: Mama Joyce still hates Todd, Imitates Molly the Maid's sextape & talks about the BRAWL

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This ‘RHOA’ reunion is getting heated! Kandi Burruss who stars alongside Kenya and Porsha reveals that it was definitely Porsha who came out on top during the brawl. Click to find out what exactly happened on set!
Kandi Burress keeps her hands to herself during the April 20 Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion, but she’s not keeping her mouth shut! Kandi says that Porsha beat Kenya during the reunion cat fight! Keep reading for Kandi’s revealing

Kim Zolciak spoke to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY about the impending Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion, telling us, “I’ve never been one to get up and raise my hand like that.” Now Kandi Burruss is speaking out — and Kandi was on set so she has some seriously candid insight!

“There was no love at the reunion,” Kandi told Dish Nation. “That was crazy. It caught us off guard. We had no clue that that was about to happen.”

Of course, Kandi is referring to the much talked about reunion brawl that allegedly had Porsha going after Kenya, and ultimately had Kenya calling 911 and Porsha in handcuffs! (And posing for the most glamorous mugshot we’ve ever seen.) Kandi adds, “I just really thought they was just going to do a little argument and have that be that.”

Quite the opposite, actually! As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, a source told us EXCLUSIVELY that Kenya and Porsha “were just pushing each other’s buttons from the beginning,” which lead to the heated altercation.

While Kandi mentioned that the fight “was quick” she also said that the ladies really went after it. “She definitely caught her by the head.” Ouch!

And that’s what HollywoodLife.com learned from our source. “Porsha did go after Kenya, but it got broken up really quick before anything serious happened,” said the source EXCLUSIVELY. “There might have been a little hair pulling, but no one got hurt because it was just broken up so quickly.”

Kandi Burress Reveals That Porsha Beat Kenya At ‘RHOA’ Reunion
So we know that the fight was quick, yet heated enough to put Porsha under arrest, but who won the fight? “I can’t say that. You’re going to have to watch,” Kandi told Dish Nation. But then she opened up, revealing which housewife beat the other. “I guess you have to say Porsha won just out of the fact that Kenya never even got the chance to make a move.”

Wow! It sounds like the fight was so bad that not only was it broken up fast, but so quickly that Kenya couldn’t even defend herself! (Maybe that’s why she pulls out a megaphone at the
Poor Queen Kenya! Hope that hoodrat gets locked up. I have no worries that Kenya rose back faster than Jesus did from that tomb.