GOT costume and hair designers talk about the hideous Purple Wedding fashion

How long did it take you to make Margaery's wedding dress?

Probably with all the elements, about five to six weeks. That is with one person cutting and making, and Michele Carragher on rose and thorn duty! I think that we had three fittings.

What was the inspiration?

Really just a play on her sigil and following the style that she has developed since her arrival at King's Landing. It had to be very different from Cersei's style and taste.

How did you craft all the roses?

They were hand rolled and stitched. And there were a lot! The thorns were also hand-made in leather.

Any symbolism in the dress?

The fabric is a linen silk mix and has leaves woven into it. This led beautifully into my idea of a creeping briar rose that, although pretty, will draw blood if you catch yourself on its thorns and can end up smothering its host. Pretty but dangerous!

Any issues fitting the wedding gown? Was it heavy? Natalie Dormer mentioned that she had to wear it for seven days.

The fittings went really well. It was a complicated construction, bias cut and then stretched onto a structured base to give support and to control the fall of the cloth around the waist. The rose-covered train was heavy and we boned the hem so that it wouldn't collapse in on itself. I don't think it was uncomfortable, but maybe a little heavy to walk in. We only had one of them so we always worried about food or coffee falling on it, but Natalie is brilliant and very careful.

What about that crown?

The idea of the briar rose is continued into the crown where it wraps around the Baratheon antlers [Joffrey's sigil]. This was to show her creeping influence, which is not lost on Cersei.

Let's not let that dress overshadow this incredible mound of hair. Alexander was inspired by a waterfall for this look. To get the height at the crown, he used a flower-pot shaped five-inch tall cage. He braided her real hair very tightly, then placed the wig and cage onto the braids as a base. He then covered the cage with extra hair, and then curled the hair. This scene took a week to shoot, so Natalie Dormer had to go through a two-hour process each day to get this style. "With the heat we were in, it was a lot for the actors to go through," Alexander said. There were no hair disasters, though. "We used lots and lots of setting lotion and lots of

Someday perhaps Sansa will be rid of King's Landing and free to romp around in airy, floaty dresses. In the meantime, though, her hair was fabulous. The trick? "Hair sausages," said Alexander. Think hair doughnuts, except long. He sewed two together and laid them on top of her head ear-to-ear, then cross-crossed braids over it. He added a cluster of knotted pearls as an adornment.

Cersei continued to stick to her wine color palette and aggressive necklaces. However, since she is the mother-of-the-groom and former Queen Regent, Alexander said they gave her a 'do befitting her station. "We made a massive hairpiece in the back done up like a circle," he said. They started with a small bun, and kept adding braids and "ropes" of hair.


lol ngl i hated all of these looks. i just hate those stupid fucking southron braids so much. we wont ever see sansa with that hair ever again god bless. and both margaery and cersei's dresses were hideous imo. i'm so glad cersei will be in black from now on, its a much better contrast with that blonde wig for sure.