DILF POST: A Shirtless 45 Year Old Paul Rudd Playing Beach Football in Cabo

In case you need another reason to love Paul Rudd, he showed off his toned physique when he went shirtless for a little beach football in Cabo on Friday. The actor is south of the border with his wife, Julie Yaeger, and a large group of friends as he takes a break before starting filming on the latest Marvel superhero flick, Ant-Man. Paul is slated to play the lead, which means we'll likely see much more of his toned body on the big screen when the film hits theaters in 2015.

Interestingly enough, Paul had a viral moment last week when a video of him on Funny or Die's Billy on the Street became a huge Internet sensation. In the clip, Paul and the host, Billy, ran up to strangers on the streets of NYC to ask if they would have sex with Paul for $1. Obviously, lots of women (and men) were willing to take Paul and Billy up on their offer.

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