Is Chadwick Boseman Black Panther??


Fresh off the back of a very happy looking Chadwick Boseman loudly proclaiming ignorance re: those Panther related rumors...

[view adorable non-denial at 3:33]

... word is beginning to leak out of Marvel Studios that The Avengers: Age of Ultron will include a visit to The Black Panther's nation of Wakanda.

Journalist Devin Faraci, after completing a very thorough interview with (and fascinating examination of the career of) Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, teased something that very much sounds like an off-the-record reveal.

Quoth Faraci:

What if I told you that Age of Ultron invokes Wakanda as Ultron gets his comic book famous Vibranium shell?

Fans of the comics will recall that Ultron is constantly upgrading himself - and Joss Whedon has already confirmed that this will play a part in the movie:

"Ultron is definitely someone who evolves, so we're going to get a couple different iterations."

I'd be willing to wager that Faraci is on to something - or has been directly tipped off by someone at Marvel - when he suggests those upgrades will involve Vibranium - Wakanda's major export.

And where there's Wakanda, there's The Black Panther.


He was fine as hell in "42" so I would be very very hft. Mother Marvel, please keep casting hotties for all your characters. thank you and amen.