Coachella Queen P Hangs w/ Lana, Avoids Porky Pig's Jealousy-induced Bowel Spray

Pulchritudinous #Coachella Queen and nt4m approved celestial being, Paris Hilton, hung out w/ West Coast songstress Lana Del Rey after her wonderful performance at Coachella. Paris, who includes Lana's songs in her own critically acclaimed DJ sets, is known for constantly supporting fellow females in the music industry and celebrating their talent and achievments.

"Backstage at #Coachella with @LanaDelRey. She is such an amazing artist & so beautiful & sweet."

Someone known for doing the complete opposite, and constantly belittling other female industry folk, is Kelly Osbourne. Kelly poorly attempted to ignite a feud with the $100 million entrepreneur this weekend, accusing her of.. I'm not entirely sure. Paris, however, replied simply and elegantly put out the small flame the food-rehabbing daughter of Ozzy Osbourne so desperately tried to light. What actually went down? I'm sure Kelly Osbourne will let us know in her next Shape magazine interview.

Imagine if Lana and P recorded a duet vers. of Stars Are Blind. Omw.
Actually bummed about Kelly's shit bc I love One Word, and Sleeping in the Nothing in general. Oh well.