People who didn't look like idiots at Coachella

Even though the internet's new favorite pastime is making fun of all the hipster messes/cultural appropriation warriors that flock to Coachella these days, there are actually people who go and manage to NOT look like assholes. It's hard to believe, but they do exist!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Zoe Kravitz

Riley Keough

Alexander + Bill Skarsgard

Christina Milian

Claire Holt

Emma Roberts

Aaron Paul

Michelle Pfeiffer

Minnie Driver

Jessica Szohr + Dianna Agron

Ryan Phillippe

Ashley Greene

Amber Rose

Lea Michele + Jena Malone

s o u r c e s

I started making this post thinking there would be more people to include. Whoops...