Premiere: Atmosphere - "Kanye West" (Official video)

At the Noisey office, we keep incessantly saying "turn up" to each other, to the point that the phrase has lost all inherent meaning, transforming into a phonetic formulation, devoid of context. Atmosphere has done something similar with their newest single "Kanye West," taking the name of the biggest rapper in the known universe and turning it (up) into a refrain about giving a damn and a fuck. The video for "Kanye West" is a reminder that true love knows no borders, laws, or suspicions that your partner is using you to help knock over a bunch of convenience stores.

"Kanye West" is on Atmosphere's upcoming Southsiders, due out on May 6th. Pre-Order it on iTunes here.


lmao I almost lost my shit... but the song is actually a JAM