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'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Long Live The King
smolderhotter wrote in ohnotheydidnt

One of the great ironies of Game of Thrones is that so many different people want to be king in spite of the career hazards.
After all, with great power comes great responsibility, and so far nobody with a firm grip on the crown has managed nearly so firm a grip on their own skulls. Heads roll, and no head rolls faster or further than a king’s.
Especially at a wedding.
Weddings, it turns out, are really quite deadly in Westeros, especially if your name starts with “Joff” and ends with “rey.” At least, that’s the case in Sunday night’s episode “The Lion and the Rose” (the “lion” being house Lannister and the Rose belonging to house Tyrell of Highgarden, even though perhaps that family should adopt the symbol of the Thorn rather than the Rose.)
Joffrey is merely the latest casualty of nuptial regicide I can recall; we can add his name to that of Robert Baratheon (killed during a mysteriously dangerous boar hunt) and Robb Stark (shot down by marksman musicians courtesy of Walder Frey and Ramsay Bolton.) Not to mention the many kings who fell before him, including the Mad King who Joffrey’s uncle Jaime killed in his one great act of infamous bravery.

Karma is alive and well in the seven kingdoms, if only in short bursts. But at least Margaery Tyrell won’t have to bed Cersei’s eldest psychopath—a stroke of incredibly good luck.
We’ve grown accustomed to watching our favorite characters die, so it’s a nice change of pace to see one of the show’s most grotesquely evil ones to shuffle off this mortal coil. As wonderfully despicable as Joffrey has been these past few seasons, it’s high time he choked to death on a poisoned wine goblet. And it’s fitting he’d make his final exit at a wedding, with only Cersei shedding any tears.
There’s always a downside to this sort of thing, and once again it’s Tyrion who takes the brunt of it, thanks to the rage of his big sister, Cersei. When Tyrion protected King’s Landing from Stannis we had a case of “no good deed goes unpunished.” This time, Tyrion is even more blameless.
As was the case in the books, this doesn’t work nearly as well as it ought to in the show. Tyrion is too clever by half to poison his nephew in front of an audience while Joffrey publicly humiliated him. But nobody, including Tywin, intercedes on Tyrion’s behalf. It’s not odd that Cersei would accuse her brother of the murder; it is a bit odd that nobody would step in on his behalf. Then again, few people ever publicly stand up for Tyrion because few characters in this story are as brave as he is.
Beyond Joffrey’s timely death, several more stages were set.

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And here's a little article about Joffrey's death


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Edited at 2014-04-14 02:21 pm (UTC)

lol perfect comment

OMG OT but I'm at work and someone sent out a mass email with a quote about God and how someone in his family passed away and as I look to the next screen I see Tom laughing up a storm in that gif. And I might have snorted at this.

but can we talk about how amazing reek was last night?

his face when he found out robb died ;~;

He was so great
As was Roose in his horror and contempt for Ramsay.

But Ramsay is such a creepy buffoon

Yeah, I liked Roose's treatment of Ramsay

he was so good, but so killing me. :( he was so shaky in the forest scene, i just want to help him.

I have such profound Greyjoy feels, and remembering how they were BFFs a million years ago just breaks my heart. DDDD:

idc tbh

its his fault robb's dead, so...

yeah, his expression during all of his scenes was disturbing af actually

he's so consistently good

hes fucked up beyond rehabilitation rn lmao

I actually really liked the episode. Joffrey's douchebaggery during the whole thing was brilliant. I'm gonna miss Jack.
Also i died when Jaime spilled the wine WE FINALLY HAVE THE GIF

Yassss! I burst out laughing when that happened and my roommate was just like "wtf was so funny about that?"

my fave part was olenna completely dismissing mace while she was talking to tywin. it was v 'let the grown ups talk, fool'. bless.

Haha, and he wasn't even put off. He just kept grinning like an idiot.

like he was used to it lol.

OMG jimmy! i finally 'got' him while watching the 'the shop around the corner'. such a presh movie.


And it was so horrible, so appropriate.

Jaime was looking really good during the sword fighting practice scene.
Also, might be my delusional brain, but I thought that Brienne actually looked really pretty during the scene with her and Cersei.

Also, happy that the bitch is dead.

was the line 'You love him' in the book? I thought it was too soon

No, and it was really stupid imo. Cersei is not swift enough to pick up on that, and she also wouldn't care enough to give Brienne the time of day.

Brienne and Cersei never actually meet in the books if I remember correctly

I didn't much like her dress though, she'd look amazing in one of the more elaborate dresses that Cersei and Sansa have worn over the course of the show.

The dress didn't look like it fitted her that well, I guess it was one that belonged to someone else, I feel it would have looked better if it had been tailored to fit her

Will Dany fucking do anything this season?

Re: for book readers


2014-04-14 02:25 pm (UTC)

Yes, but this is basically the last time she does anything.

omg no why

Re: for book readers


2014-04-14 02:40 pm (UTC)

damn, i got all excited thinking Martin had killed her. she annoys the fuck outta me, would love to see her go.

unless it involves dying i'm not interested

I admit I didn't even notice that she wasn't in last night's ep until she popped up in the promo for next week. lol oops

(to answer your Q: not really.)

Nope, as of the fifth book (which the season is already taking from), she hasn't even started to make it across the sea.

smh at those flops not racing to save their king

I hope they arrest the criminal, I'm rly angry because my bb Margaery was drinking out of the same goblet.

A dreadful business t b h

I haven't the foggiest!! But the Tyrells were promised a kingly alliance so this is some bullshit, some bullshit indeed.

stay off of tumblr, people are posting who did it like crazy with no spoiler warnings. its really rude.

excuse u, they raced and it was hilarious

smh at those flops not racing to save their king

lol I need someone to post the gif of cersei shoving margaery out of the way. margaery's face is like, "okay I realize your son is dying but no need to push, so rude my goodness"

Joffrey's death was awesome, of course, but I was so here for these two moments:


basically I want to be a Tyrell.

Inigo Montoya seems way more interested in twinks than in women in this show

He already has his chosen woman by his side, he needs to entertain his other urges.

lmao mte Tyrells have grown on me so much, grandma is awesome! and Loras reminds me of someone and I cannot remember who but he looks so much like one celebrity omg someone help me

Loras stole the show last night tbh

Too bad Loras is a constipated flop whose only characterization is "gay"

I want Oberyn-Ellaria-Loras threesome to happen so bad!

yaass, now where is the fic?

Oberyn's moments was the best ;D

Yessss. I'm here for anything Loras because Finn is such a sweet, precious bb!

Loras was perfect last night.

oh god loras's adorable face kills me


Love these scenes. Loras was all sass when he stepped to Jaime and said "And neither will you."

now quizblorg margaery can get to steppin with tommen

omg lol

also ppl told me that Tommen is the good one in the books....he didn't seem good in this episode lol

we didn't really get much of him. he was laughing at joffrey's play, but he stopped when he saw that tyrion (?) was uncomfortable. i think he's still just a dumb kid who is essentially good-hearted.

I had the same impression about Tommen. Everyone always talks about how sweet he is in the books, and how he plays with kittens and whatnot. Last night he seemed more like a mini-Joffrey. Maybe it's just a side-effect of aging him up?

In the books, Tommen is still a kid, so it does make sense he would act like Joffrey, but when the Tyrells take on that situation, they really sink their claws into him. I think he is still young enough to change as a person, and not become Joffrey 2.0

In the books he's only 7, so had they had a 7 year old laughing at the "entertainment" I would've been okay with it. But this little preteen they had looked a bit too much like a mini joffrey for my liking.

the makeup was A+. although i wish cersei's reaction was better. what happened lena?

Yeah, that was really incredibly terrible.

she secretly hated joff as much as anyone else

wut r u talkin about, dis is true agony

I blame the direction tbh

she had to go from shock to acute grief to angry and attacking Tyrion in like 30 seconds, I don't think anyone could have made that seem natural

I don't know what happened but this is the worst she has ever been.

I viewed it as she was really sad and upset that her son died but also a little re-leaved? idk He did make her life miserable and she could no longer control him so he wasn't much use to her anymore. I could see her plotting as he was dying imo.

Yes, her reaction was underwhelming.

it's not always necessary to go ott

Yeah, that performance disappointed me.

hahaha no, I wish. I don't think he has a twitter.

you're killin me in this post lol

Haha my husband and I died laughing at this part and kept saying it for the rest of the day.. She is pretty flawless IMO.

you guys looking at from a completely objective POV though, it was such a huge fuckup for them to bring jaime back to the purple wedding because his character has regressed a LOT because of it........and he's going to look like such a FLOP next episode i cannot even.

also its so damn obvious that when D&D were writing the scripts for season 4 they realized they need to rush shit because they need to end in a few seasons because i feel like show!cersei is already at AFFC batshit insane madness which i felt was much more gradual in the books

Jaime instinctively racing to save his nephew-son actually kind of made me sad for a second, because in a fucked-up way he does care about him, kinda, but IA that having him there didn't make sense for a number of reasons and I am not looking forward to next week, from what I've heard. >:\

i believe that if jaime had been at the purple wedding in the book that he definitely would have tried to do something. if only for cersei's sake and because he desperately wants to be taken seriously as a kingsguard. it was tragic and sad that it was only jaime and cersei who tried to help joff on the show but this just changes and fucks up the dynamics so much and i'm just not a fan of it at all ugh

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