Anthony Mackie Reveals the "Falconette" He's Been Dating Since Second Grade

Anthony Mackie’s latest role as “Sam ‘Falcon’ Wilson” in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” resulted in the superhero franchise soaring to the top of the box office last weekend setting a domestic record as April’s biggest release ever by grossing $96.2 million.

Beating out the previous record, set by “Fast Five” in 2011, isn’t the only thing that Mackie is attempting to outpace. Apparently the New Orleans-native is also vying to maintain one of the longest running romantic relationships with his girlfriend.

During an appearance on the April 11 episode of the “Queen Latifah Show,” Mackie revealed that he and his “Falconette” have been dating “off and on” since they were 7-years-old.

“It was funny. I was coming from a very bad school and going to a very good school,” he said. “And when I walked into second grade it was Dr. Seuss Day, and we had the little hot plate out and the teacher was making green eggs and ham. So I walk in and I looked and I see this little girl with these ratty pigtails and skinny legs, and I was like ‘WOW!”


this guy is such a big jerk, I wish he would never be my friend or call me on the phone just to ask how I was doing or gently stroke my hair, why is he always doing those things it's so annoying