Top Chef favorites want you to eat Oreo-crusted chicken fingers

That’s right: The chicken strips pictured above are dredged in flour, dipped in an egg wash, then shaken in a plastic bag with a mixture of parsley, salt, pepper, panko breadcrumbs… and, oh yeah, 15 cookies’ worth of Oreo wafers. (The vanilla kind. You know, because using the chocolate kind would be gross.)

Here’s the secret about this admittedly weird-sounding concoction, though — it’s actually sort of delicious. I discovered as much a few days ago, when Oreo formally debuted a bunch of crazy “snack hacks” designed by real-life chefs, including food truck pioneer and sometime Top Chef guest Roy Choi (who contributed the crazy chicken thing), Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio (who made a clever riff on tortilla chips and salsa; the “chips” are made of Oreos, the “salsa” is chopped-up strawberries), and guerrilla chef made good Nguyen Tran (whose “hack” involves softening Oreos in diet cherry soda, then mushing them together with peanuts and supermarket pound cake. That one was… interesting).

Want to learn how to make Oreo-branded Frankenfood in your very own home? You’re in luck; the recipes are up on Oreo’s Tumblr, as well as a series of YouTube videos hosted by the chefs themselves.

Michael Voltaggio's Oreo tortilla chips and Oreo shandy

Roy Choi's Oreo chicken tenders with banana ketchup

Nguyen Tran's Oreo bread pudding

Source, Youtube