Woody Allen under fire for all-white cast of Broadway production about Harlem's legendary CottonClub

Woody Allen is under fire for failing to have any black gangsters in his Broadway musical about legendary 1920s Harlem nightspot, the Cotton Club.

Allen insists he always casts regardless of race, but the New York Daily News cites a source as saying the quirky filmmaker specifically requested there be no African-American stars in his show.

'Bullets Over Broadway' is an adaption of Allen's 1994 screenplay of the same name and stars Zach Braff as the lead.
'Everyone's white at Woody’s Cotton Club and in the gangster numbers,' a Broadway insider told the Daily News' Confidential.
The source told the newspaper a big-name African-American actor was being considered but Woody pulled out, deciding for some reason that 'a black gangster wouldn't be good,' despite the play being set in Harlem.


The musical opens tonight, and contrasts starkly to another Broadway show based on the Cotton Club, called 'After Midnight.'
The iconic club was popular with black clubgoers, so casting reportedly told Allen a scene re-creating the nightspot would look strange without any.

The only actor in the entire show who isn't white is Kelcy Griffin, who is in the dance ensemble, the Daily News reports.
Allen, who has been criticized before for not featuring homosexuals in his movies, admits he had a heavy hand in producing the Broadway show.