Capcom Salutes Captain America in Tribute Video

Capcom honors Cap in time for his new movie, while also reminding fans that he was a regular in their fighting games long before he was a movie star.

In case you hadn't heard, Steve Rogers has a new movie out this week, and apparently it's pretty good. However, long before he became a film icon alongside his Avengers cohorts, Cap had a successful career in a long line of Capcom games, most prominently their Marvel Vs. Capcom line.

To celebrate the Star-Spangled Avenger's newest movie, as well as showcase some of his finest moments in gaming, Capcom has released a short tribute to the good captain. While most of the clips are from the aforementioned Marvel Vs. Capcom series, a few shots are from older releases, such as Marvel Super Heroes and a few beat-em up games whose titles I can't even begin to recall. Seriously, if you know please mention it in the comments, I've been rattling my brain trying to figure them out.

"GOOD WORK, SOLDIER: Celebrate Capcom and Captain America's twenty-year legacy of patriotic excellence with a tribute to some of Cap's finest in-game appearances."


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