8 (4) female comic book characters who deserve their own movies

It's no secret that women have been neglected in comic book movies. Certainly, only a tiny number of female superheroes have so far made it to the big screen. Female leads are still shockingly rare, and even Joss Whedon only managed one out of six in his Avengers ensemble movie.

Things are looking up, with Scarlet Witch and Gamora coming to Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy respectively, hints at a Black Widow solo outing, and Wonder Woman due to feature in the Batman vs Superman film - although, tellingly, not in her own movie.

It's time that the women of comics got some recognition. Here are our top picks from the many worthy candidates that we want to see in their own solo movies:

Wonder Woman:


Who is she?
As if you need to be told. DC Comics's foremost heroine, she is a feminist icon who is as strong as Superman and arguably more complex and badass.

Why she needs a film
Wonder Woman has not been seen on the screen (outside of animation and fan films) since Lynda Carter's show finished in 1979, under the lazy excuse that female superheroes cannot draw the crowds that their male counterpart do. This should be considered doubly false for the legendary amazon. We wait nervously for Gal Gadot's debut as Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel.



Who is she?
DC Comics's backwards-spelling mistress of magic is the daughter of the Golden Age hero magician Giovanni Zatarra. This flawed heroine is a sometime Justice League member with a lot of power behind her.

Why she needs a film
Zatanna has the potential to mix the dark world of evil magic with an element of theatricality and playfulness that has been missing from Warner's recent DC films. And, as a stage magician, hers is possibly the only justifiably ridiculous costume in all of comicdom, fishnets and all. Ekam siht mlif!

Emma Frost:


Who is she?
The former X-Men villain and one-time White Queen of the Hellfire Club, recent decades have seen her transition from enemy to ally of the team. This change has not been reflected in the telepath's temperament, which is still as cutting and dry as ever, but if you look carefully you may catch a glimpse of humanity under her diamond-hard exterior.

Why she needs a film
Technically, Emma Frost has appeared twice in the X-Men movies - as a walk-on part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and later in First Class, played by January Jones in a woefully miscast role. As one of Marvel's most strongly fleshed out characters, she comes with an endless supply of one-liners and put-downs. Spare us another Wolverine solo outing and deliver a White Queen film instead.



Who is she?
Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham's Cinderella is not the one you know. The Fables incarnation of the fairy tale character has swapped her ball gown for a catsuit and is now one of the world's foremost superspies.

Why she needs a film
Male spy films are ten a penny, while Angelina Jolie seems to be the only woman who is ever considered as the lead in the genre. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, so let's start from there and turn the tale on its head. This film could mess with spy and fairy tale conventions all at once.


Here for Queen Emma Frost
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