Goddess of Slayin-Your-Favs-at-60 Christie Brinkley being adorable post

Christie attends her daughter Alexa Ray Joel's show at Cafe Carlyle.

She also went to see OF MICE AND MEN on Broadway!

Heres a little gossip... I spotted @jaybeesea with Leighton Meester backstage ar the fabulous new production of #ofmiceandmen XOXO Gossip Girl

Jim Parrick as Slim is so likable you want his part to be even bigger. Speaking of big I'm in super high shoes and he still towered over me! @jimparrick #ofmiceandmen #bravo!

Alex Morf's from a really bad guy on stage to a really nice guy backstage! And his performance packs a punch! #ofmiceandmen #broadway #bravo

Joel Marsh Garland is such a great actor I asked him to portray pink with a hint of purple and look what he did! He is equally fabulous in #ofmiceandmen @joelmgarland

Just giving Franco a few pointers.. @jamesfrancotv #ofmiceandmen

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