Blind Side Actor Kicked Off Plane For Being Too Fat

Actor Quinton Aaron from 2009′s Blind Side was thrown off of a plane this week for of all things, being too fat. The 29 year old 6’8, 500 pound actor boarded the plane and before take off received a complaint from his neighbor who was unable to get to their seat.

After unsuccessfully trying to reason with the flight attendant to allow him to remain on the one hour flight from Philadelphia, PA to Rochester, NY., he was politely asked to leave the plane and was then booked on a later flight where he secured 2 seats.

Aaron says he usually does purchases two tickets but only purchased one because that was all that was available this time.
In the end, he didn't seem bothered by the entire situation as he was glad that all parties involved were more comfortable in the end.

Quinton adds, “I definitely need two seats ... It worked out for the better … my knees weren’t pushed into the back of the metal on someone else’s seat.”