What Is 50 Crazy Facts About 'Jeopardy!' for $1000?

Happy birthday, Jeopardy!

America's favorite quiz show celebrated its 50th anniversary on March 30. That's half a century of Daily Doubles, Alex Trebek and that calming theme song we've come to know so well.
To thank Jeopardy! for the thousands of clues and trivia tidbits, we put together trivia of our own. Check out 50 facts about Jeopardy! that will tickle your mind.

1. Alex Trebek’s real first name is George. Alexander is his middle name.

8. He misses seeing Will Ferrell's impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

9. Unless there is a Lakers game on television, Trebek will watch himself on Jeopardy!each night.

10. Trebek majored in philosophy at the University of Ottawa simply because classes were in held in the morning. He had to work evenings to pay for his tuition.

11. His favorite sport to play is hockey, but he oddly claims to have given up the sport after shaving his mustache.

12. When Trebek isn't busy hosting, he spends time building things for his home and fixing his many sprinklers.

14. He once opened an Ultimate Tournament of Champions show wearing no trousers. He did this to make the contestants more comfortable.

18. Showrunner Merv Griffin wrote the game show's theme song “Think!” as a lullaby for his son. Its original title is “A Time for Tony.”

19. Griffin estimates that the Jeopardy! theme song earned him more than $70 million in royalties over his lifetime.

26. Prominent celebrities who have presented Jeopardy! clues include Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey.

27. Celebrities who've competed on Jeopardy! include Ashton Kutcher, Jodie Foster, Anderson Cooper and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

38. One week's worth of episodes is shot in one day. To keep up the illusion of passing time, Trebek changes his suit between shows.

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