15 (5) Book Covers That Are More ***Flawless When You Add Beyoncé

Recently, Grand Central Publishing challenged readers to combine book titles with Beyoncé lyrics, using the #BeyonceBooks hashtag. Click the cut to see the #BeyonceBooks tweets imagined as actual book covers.

"Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert

"Love In The Time Of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret" by Judy Blume

"Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets" by J.K. Rowling

"50 Shades Of Grey" by E.L. James


Rest of the Beyoncé-fied book covers at the ( SOURCE )

Neva forget ha impact, y'all...

Also... book party post? What are the books have you been reading lately, ONTD? Waiting for my order of the English version of the "Snowpiercer" graphic novel to arrive and I need more good recs to buy.