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A cacophony of laughter echoes around the downstairs bar of a flash Glasgow hotel. It’s early evening, but it seems a girls’ night is in full swing as a dreamy mixologist fashions cocktail shots for a party of ten who are falling about at the drinks’ saucy titles and the barman’s saucier banter. Watching on incredulously is filmmaker and comedian Richard Ayoade ♥. If this were an episode of The IT Crowd and Ayoade was in character as the sitcom’s most potent comedic weapon, Moss, a geeky IT consultant with chronic asthma and a hot ear, one can imagine the hilarity that would ensue. Perhaps he’d bound over there and join the women on their hen night, or push the wannabe Tom Cruise to one side to take over the cocktail making – Moss can, after all, detect the ingredients for any drink using his sense of smell alone. If only Ayoade was as suave and confident as his onscreen alter ego.
Existential Nightmare: Richard Ayoade on The Double

Having impressed greatly with his debut feature film Submarine, renowned comic actor Richard Ayoade has returned to the director’s chair, for his sophomore feature The Double. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg in both of the leading two roles, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented duo to discuss their unique and unforgettable collaboration.

We discuss the creative process of the piece, and how Ayoade went about establishing what is a striking and distinctive visual aesthetic. Meanwhile, Eisenberg discusses playing two roles, and portraying the subtle differences between the two.
Jesse Eisenberg and Director Richard Ayoade on The Double

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