‘Are You The One’ Reunion: Which Couples Are Still Together?

MTV’s breakout hit ‘Are You The One’ wraps its first round of love games with a reunion special tonight on April 1. But don’t be fooled — these couples are no joke! In fact, someone might just propose. And someone might break out in a huge fight. Click to WATCH an exclusive clip from the big reunion!

Who knew that an MTV reality show could actually work? Well, after last week’s Are You The Onefinale resulted in a “perfect 10,” it’s time to find out just how many couples stayed together. Plus, a couple could be engaged! Is it Shanley and Chris? Keep reading to find out!

Are You The One’ — A Fight Breaks Out At The Reunion

During Season 1, Jacy was torn between Chris Scali andJohn Jacobs, and she just so happens to be seated in between them on tonight’s reunion special. Sounds like a recipe for drama, drama, drama!

Despite Jacy and John’s strong attraction to each other, last week’s Are You The One finale proved that they were not meant to be when they stepped into the truth booth and found out that they were not a perfect match. The reunion, which airs Tuesday, April 1, on MTV (11/10c), even further proves that Jacy and John are not a match — all hell breaks loose and the two get into a major blowout. And, of course, Chris Scali gets involved.

No word on if Jacy and Scali have been living happily ever after, but according to this sneak peek clip, EXCLUSIVELY debuted by HollywoodLife.com, we’re going to guess that they’ve endured a few rough patches.

What other couples get into a lovers’ quarrel? You’ll have to wait to tune in, but there might also be drama among the ladies.

“I didn’t like Paige,” Shanley EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. “I think she was very fake when she came into the house. She didn’t open up to get to know anybody. She was busy with Scali in the house.” Oooh, burn!

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