LeAnne Rimes, Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian Are Still An Embarrassing Mess


Brandi and Eddie's son, Mason, was injured in an undisclosed accident this past weekend, and naturally, Brandi shared the cryptic event on Twitter, because that's what she does -- Brandi live-tweets her life.

LeAnn, of course, caught wind of her stepson's injuries and unsurprisingly also took her outrage and concern to Twitter, because that's what she does: she instigates and feeds drama on the internet, and she takes her job damn seriously.

LeAnn's gripe was that a mutual friend of the three notified Eddie of his son's hospitalization via text message, and she didn't think that was good enough, but that's where she's right: of course that's not good enough -- Mason is Eddie's child, too, and should have been notified immediately. However? It's kind of hard to notify someone who has you blocked on their cell phones, as revealed by LeAnn herself.

Yes, Eddie and LeAnn have prevented Brandi from calling through on their cell phones, so even if Brandi were to have tried calling, she wouldn't have been able to get through. That's some responsible (read: completely irresponsible) parenting right there, friends, when you allow your child (and stepchild) to go and visit their mother, but have their mother blocked from initiating any communication whatsoever, all the while fruitlessly hoping that nothing important or terrible happens to come up. Jackasses.

LeAnn ranted and raved on Twitter about how irresponsible Brandi is -- until it started getting uncomfortable -- and at the end of the rage, naturally said she could have "handled" her hysterical dramatics better, and that her emotions were running high (you know, like normal):

It's good to know that duing her step childs medical situation, she was taking the time to plug her new reality show.