Fan input wanted for WONDER YEARS dvd bonus features!

StarVista/Time-Life Wants YOU To Chime In About Your Favorites

As you know, in Fall 2014 the folks at StarVista/Time-Life, in cooperation with Fox, are bringing all 115 episodes to DVD (around 20 or so discs!) with The Wonder Years - The Complete Series. And now, while the studio works on bonus material for that long-awaited, highly anticipated set, they would like to know which episodes are YOUR favorites, so they can focus on those in their extras. Here's the email they sent out today to folks on their mailing list:

Dear Wonder Years Fans,

We're starting work on our DVD bonus features and would love to know what your favorite episodes are.

Post your favorites on our Facebook page so we can make sure to highlight the episodes you like best!

Winnie & Kevin Forever!

The Team at StarVista Entertainment / Time Life