Hint : A lizard in shorts and flops

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I've had the job offer since last month at the media centre as it's my annual gig. Guess it's my lucky year. My eagle hawk eye spotted him from the other end.

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SHERLOCK IN TROPICAL CLOTHESSSSSSSSSS. Colleagues thought I went hysterical at the office squealing during the pitwalk. Ran down immediately at the paddock area to get a look.

2014-03-29 13.17.10

He was chatting with the guide at Sepang Circuit when I approached his group. I waited till they've finished whatever they're talking about. Then Ben noticed me. This is where I waved like those girls in 1D concerts and mouthed "Hi!!!". He smiled and mouthed "Hi" as well and winked at me. Regardless of his really... uh, unflattering attire in the circuit, that wink short-circuited my brain.

He's so polite and so understanding. My fangirl breakdown must've been an everyday sight for him. He said thank you to all the fans (told Ben 'Sherlock' series 3 just ended in Malaysia two weeks back) and we chatted even for just a few minutes.

Edit : Daniel Bruhl was there too and I wanted to take a photo with him first initially. Here's the conversation we had.

"Hi, uh can I take a photo with you?"

"You mean him? *points to Ben who was in the Ferrari hospitality room* You will have to ask him yourself,"

I think he thought I was talking about Ben. Foreigners tend to think we don't speak English (or we meant something else lol)

Then Ben came out and I forgot all about Dan. Talk about insecurities man.. You're cute, Dan.

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