Too Close Singer's Estranged Wife Gets Restraining Order.

The estranged wife of Raphael Brown, pictured in the middle of the image above, claims he viciously attacked her and brutalized their daughter.

Juliette Gil-Brown got a restraining order against Raphael in which she claims on multiple occasions he hit and shoved her, grabbed her by the neck, punched her in the mouth and kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

Juliette also claims last month Brown became enraged at their 4-year-old daughter after she refused to kiss him on the mouth. She says he yelled at the kid and shoved her into the car seat. She says he then started yelling about not having herpes, even though no one brought up herpes.

And Juliette says Raphael looked at porn on the computer when their daughter was in the room.

Attempts to reach Raphael for a comment have gone unsuccessful.