Eurovision round up

The complete list of the 37 selected entries for this year's edition of Europe's favourite festival of questionable musical-slash-fashion taste is finally out. As usual, the winner of the previous contest and new host as well as the Big Five are automatically qualified for the May 10th final while the 31 remaining countries will battle in two semi-finals on the 6th and 8th of May for a place in the top ten and the right to go to the Grand Final.

Your host for 2014, Denmark





[United Kingdom]












[San Marino]


[The Netherlands]













[F.Y.R. Macedonia]





Source: too much free time, the passion that made me not give up after my browser and then my laptop crashed (special thanks to lj and its ability to autosave drafts), and the ESC's youtube channel.

So, ONTD, who are your faves this year, is your country making you proud or is it going to crash and burn (or both because this continent has no taste/hates you)?