Jennette McCurdy puts Nickelodeon on blast. Didn't go to KCAs for being treated "unfairly."

The 2014 Kids' Choice Awards definitely weren't short on fun...but there was something (or should we say someone) missing. Why wasn't Jennette McCurdy, star of Sam & Cat and iCarly, at the KCAs?

Seems her absence got people talking and many wondered if her recent sexy selfie scandal had anything to do with it. With Sam & Cat winning a KCA for Favorite TV Show and show creator Dan Schneider getting a Lifetime Achievement honor, shouldn't Jennette have been there?

Jennette explained all on Twitter, writing:

We missed you, Jennette, but totally understand.

Update: Did Jennette unfollow Ariana Grande on Twitter? There's plenty of buzz about it, but does it have anything to do with Jennette skipping the KCAs?

Update 2: Jennette took to Twitter to clarify why she wasn't at the KCAs, explaining:

Wow. That sounds like something crappy went down. Sorry Jennette!