Neon Jungle get totes emosh and talk why they inspire each other

Those Neon Jungle girls are feisty little things, aren't they? But it turns out when they're not swishing their hair about and rapping about feta cheese they're actually just massive softies.

So why does Shereen love Amira so much, eh? Surely there's more to Asami than that bloody amazing mermaid hair? Why is Jess, like, the best ever? Let's find out exactly what the girls find so inspiring about each other, shall we?

Amira on Asami: "Her strength towards judgement. She's never arrogant - she'll say things in the nicest way possible but she has an evil side to her."

Jess on Asami: "Our lives are completely different but we've both been through a lot. She's dealing with all this at a young age, which I couldn't do when I was 18."

Shereen on Asami: "She's a very strong person and I look up to her 'cause of that."

Amira on Jess: "She's one of those people that has a side everyone can relate to. I talk to her about issues; she always makes me feel better and makes me laugh."

Asami on Jess: "She's done a lot in her time, she's very independent. When I'm like 'I can't do it' I remember that Jess has done it on her own so I can too. We're one."

Shereen on Jess: "She's very wise. Any questions I want answering, I go to her. She's very clever...but she can't spell."

Asami on Shereen: "All she's ever wanted to do is music. When I met her she was just turned 16 and wanted to sing, that's it. Plus if we think something she's wearing's tacky she's like 'I don't care.'"

Jess on Shereen: "I like that she's very headstrong and knows what she wants. She doesn't let things get to her too much."

Amira on Shereen: "Mentally she's very headstrong and her whole mindset is to do what she thinks best. She puts 120 per cent into everything."

Asami on Amira: "She's not afraid to wear anything she wants or do anything she wants. She doesn't care what other people think."

Jess on Amira: "Her priorities are right with family and stuff. She's very best-friendy. Her heart's all gold."

Shereen on Amira: "Her attitude towards life. If someone says 'I don't like this, I don't like that,' she's like 'so what?'"

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