Kim Kardashian shares a snap of her two-tone face as she uses make-up contouring trick

When it comes to make-up, she's not one to subscribe to the 'less is more' approach.
And Kim Kardashian was happy to illustrate that point when she shared a snap of herself midway through a make-over.
The 33-year-old pouted into the camera, her skin covered in powdery stripes designed to contour the face and accentuate the cheekbones.

'Another glam day with @joycebonelli do I look? LOL' the mother-of-one wrote, referencing her make-up artist best friend.
With pale powder streaked across her jawbone and under each eye, Kim was using the technique of contouring, where both light and dark makeup is used to sculpt the appearance of features and face shape.

And it's not the first time Kim has shared a selfie mid-way through such a transformation.
She has not been shy in revealing the secret to her ultra-defined look, having previously posted similar images.