Jimmy Kimmel covers Esquire: I only have one complaint about Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel doesn't have beef with fellow talk show host Jimmy Fallon, except for one thing.

"My only complaint about Jimmy Fallon is the first name: Jimmy," Kimmel told the April issue of Esquire, which hits newsstands March 25. "People get us mixed up all the time. No one remembers which Jimmy is which."

"Actually, he says the same thing happens to him," Kimmel, 46, continued. "He's like an athlete out there. He can jump high, act, sing. He's a true performer. I'm a broadcaster. That's how I come at this. Not a stand-up, not an actor, not a commentator. A broadcaster."

Still, Kimmel can't imagine any other profession.

"This is the job," Kimmel said. "The only job for a person like me. I mean, I like to draw, I'm really good at it. I'm a good artist, and I think that's what I would have done had radio not worked out for me. But here I am. You won't see me doing anything else in the next 25 years."

Kimmel also opened up about one of his favorite subjects: Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

"The truth is, right now, Rob Ford is keeping me in business," Kimmel said. "There's new video every day. The mayor of Toronto throwing candy canes at small children. The mayor wandering into a dance club. I don't even have to write it. I sit back and watch him. He's pranking the world."