The Colbert Report took on the Redskins' Original Americans Foundation

Stephen Colbert took on the new Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation Wednesday night. It went about how you’d expect. Among his laugh lines:

* “Folks, the PC Police continue to hammer the Washington Redskins over their so-called ‘offensive’ name. Though, if you’ve seen them play recently, their name is the least offensive thing on the field.”

* “That’s right, the ‘Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.’ Because Redskins is not offensive if you only use it once in your name.”

* “The Foundation also assisted in the purchase of a new backhoe for the Omaha tribe. That’s right, assisted. Because you can’t expect a team worth $1.7 billion to pay for the entire backhoe. Those things cost thousands. To cover that price, they’d have to sell a beer and a soft pretzel.”

* “Folks, this move by Dan Snyder inspires me, because my show has frequently come under attack for having a so-called offensive mascot, my beloved character Ching Chong Ding Dong….Offensive or not — NOT — Ching Chong is part of the unique heritage of the Colbert Nation that cannot change. But I’m willing to show the Asian community that I care by introducing the Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Sensitive to Orientals or Whatever….I owe all this sensitivity to Redskins owner Dan Snyder. So Asians, send your thank-you letters to him, not me.


Source, Youtube, Twitter

The following tweet has since been deleted but Twitter still wants to #CancelColbert.