blind itemzzz

1. This B list mostly television actor who always talks about his family values and doesn't take roles that compromise his values was at a strip club in Tijuana this weekend. I wonder what his wife thinks about that.

2. This A+ list mostly movie actress usually has her assistant call a pap agency to snap the photo of our actress. The assistant is on vacation so our actress made the call herself and whispered the entire time like it was a state secret. She then called the pap three more times to confirm everything and where they would meet. Apparently it was hilarious but the pap didn't want to laugh while on the phone for fear of losing the daily job.

3. This B list mostly television actress from one of the biggest cable shows on television is lucky to be alive. Apparently she and some friends have been using some land in the hills east of Malibu to try and make their own meth and had a small explosion last week. No one was inside the storage shed they were using but a couple of people were injured trying to push the shed into a pond it was near and then putting out the flames.

4. This C+ list actress turned to acting after a career as an A list entertainer(athlete). She and her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend are having issues. Might have something to do with the fact he cheats on her every week and is not shy about sharing photos and movies she made for him with his friends.

5. This B list mostly movie actress is still a minor. Her "boyfriend" introduced her to another man who is well over twice her age. The "boyfriend" was paid for this transaction. It turns out he did something similar with a few of his former "girlfriends." He uses his profession which doesn't make him much money as a way to meet women who would be open to the possibility.

6. This former girlfriend of an A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee says that she was made to watch the actor get serviced by other men.