Future Dishes On Wedding Plans, Why He Put A Ring On It And ‘Drunk In Love’ Rumors

Future is a very busy man. After showing up at Ciara’s baby shower in Cali on Saturday, the ATL crooner was in New York Monday morning to promote his upcoming Honest album on The Wendy Williams Show.

During their chat, Future revealed a little bit about his and Ciara’s wedding plans and why he decided to put a ring on it when so many of his peers aren’t. The singer also addressed the rumors that Beyoncé stole “Drunk In Love” from him that surfaced after he performed his original version (“Good Morning”) at SXSW earlier this month

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On why he proposed to Ciara:

For me, I believe it just gave me balance. It’s giving me balance. With a busy career, you’re doing so much, you just focus more on your career. You don’t have to keep chasing girls, chasing different women.

On their wedding plans:

The wedding plans are going great. I’ma let her handle the wedding. I’m doing my album. The album come out April 22nd. So she’s coordinating that. She’s coordinating it very well. She’s doing a great job at that. I’m just approving of everything.

On rumors Beyoncé stole “Drunk In Love” from him:

I demoed the song with the producer [Detail]. I demoed it first for her [Beyoncé] to listen to it. I guess she had done the record and was saving the record. I had done another version, ‘Good Morning’ because we didn’t know when she was going to put the album out or whatever. She put it out in December after I was supposed to put my album out in November. It just pushed my song to the side.

It’s not on the album because towards the first beginning of the song is the same melody. A little bit of confusion.