Dylan O'Brien talks about his gag reflex, Stiles and Scott's friendship, Stiles/Malia and more

Stiles Pukes Up... Himself (Episode 22)

"I have a really sensitive gag reflex, and everybody knows that; T-Pose, they all knew I was going to hate doing that," O'Brien says. "I actually threw up on one of the takes -- like, immediately. I had to sit with the bandage in my mouth, connected to piled-up yarn that was dipped in goop, and I couldn't handle that. So there was one take where I'd been holding it back for so long that, as I ripped the tape, I threw up in my mouth. But we kept going, and I pulled it all out, and I was just throwing up. Bits of it was coming out with the wrap, then they yelled cut, and Tyler was like, 'Bro, did you really throw up?'"

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Stiles' Brain Scan (Episode 18)

"Me and Ty love doing scenes like that; they really mean a lot to us," O'Brien says. "We have such a brothership in real life, and that's why those scenes seem to work so well, because we really do love each other. And we love the characters. We almost see Scott and Stiles as a version of ourselves. And Tyler was so damn good in that scene. There were certain things that didn't end up getting used, and I wish they had, because he was so in the moment. He was so great. Maybe on the DVD!"

Stiles & Malia's Hookup (Episode 20)

"When I first got the script, I was against [the hookup], only because there was already a lot going on in that episode, so I didn't know why Stiles would stop to make out," O'Brien admits. "But I always talk to [executive producer Jeff Davis] about things, and what I ended up discovering was that [the hookup] was actually really nice. For everything Stiles was going through, it was something he's never had happen before. I ended up loving the scene because, randomly enough, it ended up as a pivotal moment in his life. I think that made it really special."

Nogitsune Reveals Itself to Scott (Episode 19)

"I loved doing that," O'Brien says. "That was the first time I did a Void scene with Tyler. I was kind of self-conscious at first, because he knew I'd been getting into this bad guy thing, but he hadn't seen it yet. It was the first time Scott saw it, too, which made it kind of surreal. That scene turned out really well, I think. Russell Mulcahy, one of our directors, is such a hero of mine. Any scene I do with him, I'm confident to go for it and trust that he'll make me look decent."


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How's your gag reflex, ONTD?