Teen Wolf 3B Finale Recap Post

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 24, “The Divine Move,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 24, titled “The Divine Move,” begins with Chris Argent coaching Scott on what to say to the authorities after Allison’s death. Stiles ends up at Kira’s house where the Yukimuras tell him they need to make a Divine Move, something truly inspired that will turn the tide against the nogitsune. At Chris’ house, Isaac and Chris share a moment of mourning, while at the sheriff’s department, the oni show up and attack the officers.

The twins are ready to run, and take Lydia and Danny with them, but Derek convinces them they need to believe in Scott and stand and fight. At the same time, Lydia and Scott go to Deaton to try to figure out how to trap the nogitsune in the same way Mrs. Yukimura did — using the Nemeton. They realize the container that held Talia’s claws was made from the wood of the tree, and that’s how they’ll trap the nogitsune.

Meanwhile, Void Stiles arrives at the hospital and wreaks havoc, looking for Melissa.

While some of the oni continue to take down the cops one by one, Melissa is attacked by the other oni. She manages to get away, but not before suffering an injury at the hands of one of their swords. Luckily, Agent McCall is there to help her.

Lydia has a sudden rushing feeling, like they’re running out of time. That’s when Stiles shows up, even weaker than before. They’re definitely running out of time.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 The Divine Move Stiles

Isaac keeps thinking about what Allison was trying to tell Scott to pass on to her father. When they go down to check out the silver arrows she made, they realize Silver is the only thing that can stop the oni.

As Parrish, Stilinski, and some of the other cops lie poisoned by the oni swords after the demons leave, Stiles, Scott, Kira, and Lydia go to the high school. But when they pass through the doors, they end up in the same garden in Japan that we’ve seen in the past.

While Derek meets up with Void Stiles, bringing the twins and the box made of Nemeton wood, the Bandaged Man shows up with some of the oni and attack the group in the garden. He says he’s captured nearly every spot on the board — Deaton at the vet’s office being one of the last ones — and by the end of their fight, will make Stiles either kill himself or have Scott do it for him.

Chris shows up and starts taking out the oni attacking Derek and the twins. Stiles, meanwhile, realizes that the snowy garden is all an illusion. When they escape it, they come face to face with Void Stiles, but before he can do any more damage, Stiles tells him he can’t be a fox and a wolf — and that’s when Scott bites Void Stiles and turns him into a werewolf too.

As everyone comes back form the poisoned wounds inflicted by the oni swords, the firefly escapes Void Stiles and is captured in the triskele box by Isaac. Void Stiles turns to dust and smoke, and disappears. But there’s one more casualty after everything settles down, and that’s Aiden, whose dying breath is used worrying that Lydia won’t believe he was a good guy.

As Scott teaches Malia how to control her powers, Ethan sits down to break up with Danny, but Danny beats him to the punch. It turns out that Danny has a thing against dating werewolves. How long as he known!?

In the final moments of the show, we find out Kate Argent hadn’t died, but instead she’s…something else. But what!?


Well the finale was surprising not as sucky as I thought it'd be.