Move over Kendell Jenner! Daniel Craigs brother breaks into the Modelling World.

This is the younger half brother of James Bond actor Daniel Craig, and he has carved a career as a model.
In between shifts as a part-time racecourse barman Harry Craig, 23, has posed for a number of publications featuring nude and fetish images and 'non­ mainstream' models.

In an online profile he describes himself as an '...alternative model from Shropshire, UK with a fondness of Guinness, Victorian Gothic, Heavy Metal bands from the 70s and 80s, Chesterfield armchairs (Wingbacks) and log fires.'
The privately-educated younger Mr Craig lives with his and Daniel’s father Tim.
He poses in the pictures wearing string vests, leather and chains. He can also be seen snarling at the camera from underneath his strawberry blonde hair, sitting apparently naked astride a backwards chair, while smoking a cigar and wearing a bowler hat. (picture under the cut)

In a YouTube video, which now appears to have been removed, he says he collects gas masks while supping at a glass of Guinness.
He said: 'I look like a tramp... you probably wouldn’t think I’m a model by the looks of it.
'I’ve got people spread out across the world who like my work… it’s pretty cool.
He adds: 'Don’t ask to see my gas masks though... my parents think I’m a freak, my brother thinks I’m a weirdo but I love them so b******* to them.'

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