Spoilers about The Fosters' second season

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Zap2it spoke to star David Lambert about how the events of the finale will affect Season 2, which has already begun shooting and returns to ABC Family in June.

Zap2it: How will that hand injury affect Brandon going forward?

David Lambert:
It's going to be interesting! He's going to have to shift gears. That hand is going to be a problem, and the symphony and all that -- you'll find out what happens there -- but that incident with Vico definitely changes Brandon. It's definitely going to change him and he's going to have to adjust and he definitely doesn't at first, but I think he will eventually and he will move on.

Music will still be there. He's probably going to be placed in a situation where he's forced to explore music and what else he can do with it, whether that's songwriting, whether that's maybe something other than classical music, who knows. It's going to be an interesting time for him and he's forced to grow up a little bit because of it.

Brandon essentially sacrifices himself for Callie. Do you think it's really over between them?

Yet again Brandon finds himself wondering. It's always sort of this mixture of reality and maybe a little false hope. He's hoping for the best and still kind of fighting for it in his own weird way, but I don't know. I really don't know where they will end up and I don't know whether it would be the best thing if they were just full-on together or not.

Did you see that hookup between Brandon and Dani coming?

Yeah, that was a very interesting situation for Brandon. It's also kind of sad in its own way too because she comes home finds him drunk and a mess, this kid just went through hell and now he's just wallowing on the couch.

Dani is this mysterious person. She's a sad character because she has so much baggage -- we don't know where she came from or her background, but I think it's safe to say she must have had a bad past and she made a lot of mistakes. Now she's gotten to this point where she took Mike and forced this little weird family upon him, and she's really trying to make it work and be this mother and this perfect woman for both of them. I don't know where it'll go but I don't think it's going to end well. It's dangerous territory for Mike and Brandon.

When will we find out what exactly happened between Mike and Jesus and Mariana's mom?

That stays a little shady for a bit. Yet again Dani is right there and she's the only one who knows for a bit, actually, so it'll slowly get out. We will find out what happened there. Poor Mike just went back to drinking and found himself having a really, really rough night. He's obviously not a bad guy, and what he did was probably pretty bad, but it's safe to say it probably wasn't the worst thing that could've happened. This Dani situation is really -- I don't know if it's good. I don't think she's a good thing to have around so it'll be interesting to see what she causes him to do, the levels that he goes to.

With Jude and Callie and now Lena's baby, how do you think Brandon feels about adding new members to his family?

I think Brandon's getting to an age now where he's definitely older. He's been the oldest in the house and he grew up in this sort of loving, open place with a fairly big family. There's a lot of elements there and the idea of a baby might be shocking at first, but I honestly don't think he minds. If his moms want that to happen then it's totally fine. Brandon isn't one to feel territorial with his siblings or anything like that. He really enjoys that sense of community with the family. He thrives off of it. He needs it.