ONE OF THE GREATS (aka Chelsea Peretti) Featured in Paper Mag

beautiful people: Chelsea Peretti


Where you've seen her:
On Fox's Golden Globe-winning new sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Why she made the list:
Peretti made the transition from a Parks and Recreation comedy writer to a sardonic Brooklyn Nine-Ninescene-stealer with style. Plus she's an epically hilarious tweeter.
On impromptu acting lessons...
"On my first day on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a cameraman asked me, 'Could you step a little to the left?' I was standing directly in front of the camera. Amazingly, not blocking the lens wasn't intuitive for me."
On her Twitter defense...
"Every stand-up will tell you, if you see one person not having a good time, that's who you focus on. Twitter is similar. People tweet nice things all day, but if someone says, 'Correct your grammar,' then I go into what I call 'wolf mode.' I start posting pictures of wolves and writing literary wolf-journal-style tweets like, 'SNOW CRUNCHING UNDER PAW.' Caps lock is like a wolf's stare to me."