Videogame Based Anime Worth Watching : An ONTD Original

It's time for another ONTD Original post ! This time recommending some decent video game based anime films / OVAs that are totally worth the watch.

Street Fighter II : The Animated Movie

Year : 1994

Action packed with fluid and gorgeous animation . It's hard to believe this film is about to turn 20 years old in a couple of months.

DAMN look at those lovely golden locks on Ken

In this film we get a great understanding of Ken and Ryu's relationship and how they gain strength from one another to be the greatest fighters on the planet. One of the most well received adaptations , Street Fighter II stayed true to the game and as per usual set the bar really high . Also we can't forget the amazing soundtrack which included KORN , Alice In Chains , and Silverchair.

Fatal Fury : Legend of the Hungry Wolf

Year : 1992

Based on the SNK ( now Playmore ) franchise , Raw Dog king Terry Bogard seeks revenge for his fallen father with his party consisting of his younger ( superior )  brother Andy and japanese kick boxer Joe Higashi.  This films also dives into the King of Fighters tournament . Legend of Hungry Wolf will make you laugh , cry , and fist pump. Honestly out of the three Fatal Fury animated features , this one was probably Masami Obari's best work and it is truly hard to believe it is over 20 years old.

Battle Arena Toshinden

Year : 1996

Based on one of the most underrated fighting games , while this film did not have the best plot or animation it is still a fun film. You get to see amazing team work and the amazeball fight sequences make up for the cheesy storyline and dialogue .

Sonic The Hedgehog

Year : 1996

Someone was clearly bored when they made this movie because it was all over the place , but again it was still really fun and it's a cult classic . Also it gave us this bop

Pokemon : The First Movie

Year : 1998 ( Japan ) 1999 ( United States )

Despite heavy alterations , every kid in the 90s was thirsting to see this movie and going to the fast food joints to collect the special Pokeballs and cards due to the heavy craze. Only Pokemon could allow Xtina and Britney to take part on the same soundtrack without the stans freaking out about it.

Street Fighter Alpha The Animation

Year : 1999

At long last we get to explore the prequel series to Street Fighter II in anime form. This non cannon take took us on a journey as we watched Ryu struggle with the Dark Hadou that was trying to overtake him. A very unique style of animation and a rather interesting story , SFATA is worth several watches .... besides Rose is in it being a fabulous queen.

Fire Emblem

Year : 1997

We get to see Fire Emblem star and Super Smash Brother hunk Marth ( Mars in the dub ) do his thing. This appears to have been released before the games made their way to North America but it was still an enjoyable watch and you will probably adore Marth more than already do now.

Source : years of gaming and being a geek