the men of LOOKING turn out to support their own Off-Broadway

An ancient woman. A haunted bed. An angry teen. A sexy ghost. Political turmoil. Will Puerto Rico really become the 51st state or will it fight for its freedom? And all the coquis are dying. What?
Adoration of the Old Woman: it's a play.


What's the cast of Looking doing while season 2 is being written? Well, Raul Castillo is doing a stage show off-Broadway, and the others are coming to see it.

This is Castillo's third time headlining a play by oscar-nominated playwright Jose Rivera ("The Motorcycle Diaries") -- he first got his equity card for a production of Rivera's School of the Americas and starred in References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot in 2009.

This production is by INTAR, which "exists to promote and support Latino voices in the American theater." Shows continue through April 6th only.

I can only assume that right after these photos were taken, Patrick and Richie began furiously making out. I mean Jonathan and Raul began making out. You know what I mean.





And here are two photos of Castillo being adorable with his parents. His mom is beautiful!




Also, the file won't embed, but here's a video interview with the cast. Castillo's section starts seven minutes in (yeah, it's long)