‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 15, ‘Dramatics, Your Honor’

There is so much going on tonight’s episode of “The Good Wife,” we’re going to break it down in chunks. Please read down to the end as there was a huge surprise.

[Spoiler Alert: Will Gardner is dead!]

Case: Will is defending Jeffrey Grant, who is accused of murdering a college student. They had represented Grant’s father earlier. There’s a DNA match, but is it the father or the son?

Will (or Kalinda) finds photos finding that the murder victim checked out a book from the library that Jeffrey Grant had returned just a few hours earlier.

Unfortunately, then the victim, Dani Littlejohn, went swimming, which would have eliminated the DNA from the book. They are trying to figure out how she moved from swimming to meeting Jeffrey. There’s another suspect too, the professor. No one knows who did it.

Kalinda is on the case. In the meantime. Jeffrey is having a hard time in jail and is getting roughed up a bit. They get the detective to bring up the second suspect, the professor. The professor says he has an alibi.

In personal asides – Cary tells Alicia that he’s dating Kalinda. She’s confused because she thought Kalinda was gay. Cary let’s her know Kalinda is bi.

Alicia goes to tell Will that the Grants (Jeffrey’s parents) called her for a second opinion. She said no, but says she would want to know. They exchange a little flirty flirty.

Kalinda tells Will that she’s leaving. She’s not going to Florrick/Agos, she just doesn’t want to be working as an investigator. Will says she pulls this every few months. Will says they are cut out for their jobs, and if she leaves, she’ll be bored.

In Alicia’s life: The public integrity guy wants Alicia to submit to a deposition. He tells Alicia that Will Gardner will go on the record. Remember Public Integrity guy threatened Will last week after setting him up on camera with Peter’s voting fraud guy.

Alicia tells Eli she should do it. Cary will be her lawyer.

Nelson Dubeck, the dude from the office of public integrity, is grilling Alicia. He wants to know why she talked to Will the other day. She wants to know why she’s being followed and for how long, and if the agents want to hear what she says, they should come closer and she’ll talk louder.

Dubeck wants to know if Will showed her the tape showing the voting files. She says no. She says no several times.

Then he asks if she and Will are lovers. Cary objects but Alicia stops. She says that she’s been under scrutiny for years and that she knows the investigator is in trouble when he makes things personal.

He shows her several videos. Dubeck says it shows a conspiracy to win the vote. Dubeck says Will shows the videos to the governor and Peter didn’t do anything about it.

Back to the case -

Kalinda found out that the same doctor treated Jeffrey for a strained arm and later, Dani Littlejohn. The same paramedic brought them both in, at different times.

As the lawyers are arguing up at the judge’s bench, Jeffrey is becoming unraveled. He starts looking at the police officer’s gun.

Then you see Diane in another courtroom and hear four shots fired. Kalinda looks in. Jeffrey is trying to kill himself but the gun has run out of bullets. Will has been shot badly, as has the other attorney.

Diane goes to call his family and sisters, and Alicia. But Alicia doesn’t answer, she’s at some dinner.

They find Will in the hospital. He’s dead. WILL IS DEAD. I was not expecting this at all.

Kalinda gets Eli on the phone and he pulls Alicia out of the dinner. He tells her she has to take it.

Just as Alicia picks up the phone, the screen goes blank.


Coming up in the next weeks: Diane and Alicia make up. Cary is angry. Kalinda is really upset. Michael J. Fox is back and says he’s the new Will. Kalinda throws something at him. Peter asks Alicia if she thinks she’d be better with Will.