Theo James wants to see a gay superhero on screen

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English actor Theo James thinks the world is ready to see a gay superhero on the silver screen.

In an interview with LGBT magazine The Advocate, the 29-year-old star said he thinks the time a gay action hero film is made is not too far away.

James was discussing his new film, the sci-fi thriller Divergent in which he stars alongside Kate Winslet, when he was asked about gay characters in the media.

‘Today there are great shows like Looking, poignant pieces of work that revolve around a central cast of characters that happen to be gay’ he said.

‘But I remember when Queer as Folk came out and thinking, Things are changing. Maybe there will be more shows like this.

‘And then suddenly there was a drought. Hopefully the day we have a gay action hero isn’t far away.’

The actor also spoke about themes of gender representation in the film.

‘We’re in a world where masculinity, especially with these big spectacle movies, is often pushed by rippling six packs and forcing an image down someone’s throat trying to prove masculinity’ he said.

‘Whereas I think true masculinity comes from having a strong sense of self.’

The heroine of the film, played by US actress Shailene Woodley, also portrays a positive female lead says James.

‘Her being strong doesn’t de-masculate him, and hopefully that’s pushing a more positive message about gender equality.’

The film is a futuristic thriller where people are divided into different factions of society depending on their personality.

Those who do not fit into a faction are labelled as divergents, something critics have said may be a commentary on LGBT discrimination.