Hannibal 2x04 "Takiawase" Review


Hannibal continues to reinforce that it is simply one of the very best television series on the air with another standout episode that expertly weaved together several threads.

Will imagining himself fishing with Abigail was a poignant scene, reminding us that even as he fights to prove Hannibal’s guilt, both to clear himself and to put Hannibal away, there’s also a personal loss involved - as this father/daughter type scenario Will could only wish to experience with her played out in his mind.


Seeing Will use his own intelligence to battle Hannibal, even from beyond bars, continues to be a thrill in Season 2. This episode offered us some visceral reminders of just how damaged Will was in Season 1, as he began to recall events that had been blocked off to him - and both he and we came to see just how complex and longterm Hannibal’s manipulation had been, including inducing seizures and blackouts in Will. Will literally stepping into one of these previously lost memories, the incident with Dr. Gideon Eddie Izzard) last season, was one of many cool visuals throughout, including the operatic moment where Will first took Chilton’s drugs and we saw the trippiness her experienced as he began to get even more clarity.

Speaking of Chilton, it was very satisfying to see Will use Chilton’s own narcissism against him in order to try to get Chilton to secretly study him and help him unlock those memories - and even better when we saw Chilton really begin to consider that Will had been, at least partially, telling the truth and Hannibal may have been behind Will’s issues. That being the case, it was also a great, albeit frustrating, swerve, when Chilton went to Hannibal with this, only for it to turn out he was colluding with him, feeling they could help protect one another.

Beverly’s consultations with Will and her continually more accepting thoughts on his possible innocence -- and Hannibal’s possible guilt -- was mainly thrilling, mixed in with the only criticism I have of this episode. Beverly made some dumb choices this episode, first telegraphing to Hannibal her suspicions and then, when Will feared that was exactly what had occurred, not heeding Will’s plea to go to Jack with everything she’d discovered. That added a bit of horror movie, “Come on, don’t go in there alone!” feelings as she snuck around Hannibal’s house at the end… and yet it was undeniably tense and never-wracking, topped off by a “Holy crap!” cliffhanger as they faced off and she shot at him.


Hannibal continues to excel in nearly every way. This episode offered poignancy via Bella’s situation and the specter of Abigail; audacious, twisted horror imagery via the bee man; and effective use of a guest star with Amanda Plummer. Beverly should have played things more safe, but seeing her getting to the truth, while Will himself is also realizing more than ever, is adding to the increasing suspense for this phenomenal series.

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