Divergent’s Miles Teller Disses Hunger Games’ Peeta!

It’s a Hunger Games and Divergent face-off!

With only one day until the flick hits theaters, Life & Style caught up with Miles Teller, who plays dauntless bully Peter, and he had a bit to say about the Games’ Peeta.

When we asked him how the District 13 tribute would stack up against his character, Miles had a pretty hilarious response.

“I don’t know who Peeta is! If Peeta is Josh Hutcherson’s character, then Peter is significantly taller, more in-shape, and better looking!” says Miles — but don’t worry, Hunger Games fans, he was joking!

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Miles, who is 6-foot-0 compared to Josh’s 5-foot-6, certainly shares his character’s cutthroat candor, but we wonder what Team Peeta will make of his comic comments!

Divergent and The Hunger Games have been compared in many ways leading up to the former’s March 21 release date — including its leading lady, Shailene Woodley, being hailed as the next Jennifer Lawrence.

Though the films do have many similarities (citizens in each book are split into factions), only time will tell if Divergent will be nearly as successful as The Hunger Games.


why was this even a question tho? The characters aren't similar....