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New video of Mega Man successor Mighty No. 9 reveals bosses, gameplay

The story of “Mighty No. 9” is one for the books.

Keiji Inafune, illustrator and co-designer of Capcom’s incredibly popular robot mascot, “Mega Man”, left the company to strike out on his own. Eager to please his millions of hardcore fans, who have been yearning for a true “Mega Man” sequel for years, Inafune introduced the “Mighty No. 9” project through a Kickstarter campaign.

“Mighty No. 9” stars Beck, “the 9th in a line of powerful robots”. On August 31, 2013, the Kickstarter campaign asked for an initial $900,000 to make Beck’s game a reality.

Only two days later, that target was met, thanks to overwhelming fan support. The campaign has since then attracted a whopping 67,227 backers, and acquired over $3,845,170 worth of pledges. What this means is not only will the game be made, it will also have a multiplatform release, additional levels and characters, online support, all sorts of other modes of play, and even a making-of documentary.

But how much work have Inafune’s team done on the project? While we have been teased with several character designs and concept art these past few months, we have yet to see any actual gameplay, in-game graphics, or the full roster of Beck’s enemies.

Now, a new video has been released, showing off not only the other eight robots, but also giving us a glimpse of how the game will look like and play.

Now, what could go wrong with a game featuring a sharp-shooting robot that bears more than a passing resemblance to Clint Eastwood in his most badass role as the “Man with no Name”?

This early in its development, “Might No. 9” is already showing promise. While the bosses include the customary fire and ice-based robots, there are also more interesting ones, including the aforementioned Eastwood lookalike; a character who looks like he’s been fused with some kind of fixed-wing aircraft; and another with a revolver for a head. There is also a female robot, an extreme rarity in “Mega Man’s” roster of more than a hundred Robot Masters.

The graphics, while obviously incomplete, are also quite charming. The 3D is nice and crisp, and the animation is fluid and cute.

True to the style of the classic 8- and 16-bit “Mega Man” titles, “Mighty No. 9” features classic, side-scrolling, platforming action. As the only one who hasn’t been driven murderously insane by a computer virus, Beck will run, dash, jump, shoot, and slide through levels in his quest to hunt down his rogue brethren and a miscellany of other robots. He also seems to have picked up some moves from other titles, including a stomp, and the ability to hang from ledges and swing from rings.

It is not yet clear when the game will be released, but expect more news in the upcoming months. — TJD, GMA News

Legend of Zelda Wii U Details Leaked

Legend of Zelda is a very popular video game series that has seen many versions ever since it was introduced by the Japanese game developers Eiji, Shigeru, and Takashi. The game was meant to be played on the gaming consoles of Nintendo and it was based upon the genres of action and fantasy. There have been 17 games in Zelda series so far and the gamers are waiting patiently for the new Wii U version of the game that is rumored to be released some time in 2014.

There has been some hint coming from none other than the developer of the ZeldaLegend-of-Zelda-Wii-U series himself as to what shape Zelda ii U will take in the time to come. Eiji Anouma, while taking through MyNinetendoNews, has disclosed that the development team has learnt a lot in the past few years from the earlier versions of the Zelda series and all this knowledge will be applied in the Wii U version. He was talking about the title called A Link Between the Worlds and told the reporters that the concepts and ideas used in this game could be implemented in the Wii U title in future. Replying to the reporters about the new developments in the game, Eiji said that the top down view has been well received by the gamers and is likely to be implemented in the upcoming game title for Wii U as well. This is a feature that has made it exciting for the gamers to enter into the game.

The release is taking longer than planned by the company
It was during E3 2013 that the company had planned to introduce the new Wii U game title to the gamers around the world. But there was no mention of the game during the expo that was held last year. It may be possible that the developers’ team at Nintendo is taking a bit longer this time to release the game but it wants to make sure that the gamers are not disappointed by the new version of the Zelda series on Wii U platform.

With these possible hints coming from the game developer Eiji himself, it is very much likely that the new version of the Zelda series of video game for Wii U will be released at E3 2014. For the time being, you have to remain content with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on the platform of Nintendo 3DS.

Pre-order History Repeating: Red NOW!

The long wait is nearly at an end – History Repeating: Red is available for pre-order NOW! We just launched a brand new store page where you can get your hands on all kinds of new merchandise – the hoodies, new t-shirt and slap bracelets previously only available at our last few live shows, as well as a brand new t-shirt, are now available to all through the power of E-COMMERCE! You can order the new album on its own, or you can package in some of the new items with it through one of our featured bundles and save some bucks.

Anyhow, about the album – here’s the tracklist:

1. Fly on a Dog
2. Harder than Steel
3. GeminEye
4. The Haystack Principle
5. Afraid of the Dark
6. The Red Song
7. I’m Not the Breakman
8. Make Your Choice
9. I Refuse (to Believe)
10. Melody From the Past

History Repeating: Red brings this chapter to a close, picking up where History Repeating: Blue left off. We can’t wait for you guys to hear it – we plan to have it ready to go for an April release!

So, what do you get for pre-ordering? Well, besides our undying gratitude, we’ve got a few things in store – weekly updates on the album’s progress (currently we have a couple vocal recording days left, then it’s on to the mixing phase!), some exclusive artwork, including History Repeating desktop art and a very special alternate album cover, and exclusive “behind the scenes” tracks that will give you an insight into the different phases our songs go through before the final recorded versions! Plus, you guys will be the first to get ears on the music – we’ll send one track as soon as we get the first batch back from mastering, and then the entire digital download as soon as it’s finalized and sent to pressing… why wait for the actual CDs to get printed when you’ve already waited this long?

Please note – due to the pre-order nature of a lot of things on the store, turnaround will take a few weeks. We’re getting these shirts and hoodies printed according to how many you guys order, and we’re moving to a new store system, so there may be some kinks in the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues. And because it’s a pre-order, if you’d like a special size of shirt or hoodie, get in touch and we might be able to accommodate you!

Anyhow, we’re beyond excited to finally bring the History Repeating saga to a close – thanks so much for all your support.

Pikachu Named Mascot of the 2014 World Cup

Pikachu has been named Japan’s official mascot for the 2014 World Cup, and will be accompanied by several other notable Pokemon, including Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Chespin, and more, Soccerly reported. The Japan National Football team's official kit (uniform) designer Adidas announced the partnership with Nintendo earlier this week.

If you haven't had the chance to catch the new Pokemon that are accompanying Pikachu and the rest of Japan's team to Brazil, Nintendo has a special deal that could get you a free copy of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

Which video game character would you want to be the mascot of your sports team?

Marvelous Distractions: Games to fix your Marvel lust until “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Marvel has a full schedule this year, between “Captain America The Winter Soldier” debuting soon, shooting for “Avengers 2” and the continued success of their television show “Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Looking for some entertainment while awaiting the next Marvel hit? Why not pop in a Marvel video game and brush up on your lore while smacking down some villains? Let’s review the comic book ensemble’s greatest gaming forays:


As the name suggests, this fighting title pits Marvel heroes and villains against Capcom characters. You’ll recognize plenty of friendly faces including Captain America, Iron Man, Dead Pool, Doctor Doom, “Resident Evil’s” Chris Redfield and “Devil May Cry’s” Dante. “Marvel vs Capcom 3” offers a decent story, commendable dialogue and combines two beloved franchises.

When I was a kid I loved playing with Legos. But these days a similar comment carries an entirely different connotation: video games. Man, I feel old. Everyone loves Marvel superheroes and everyone loves Legos, thus the combination should make a phenomenal action adventure title. The plot admirably includes a bevy of Mravel characters and the gameplay varies, throwing puzzles into your quest. Don’t let the childish appearance dupe you into passing up this highly enjoyable Marvel entry.

“Marvel Ultimate Alliance” is not simply the greatest Marvel video game to date, but one of the best RPGs period. Gracing consoles and PCs, “Ultimate Alliance” provides a hefty campaign, impressive slew of Marvel faces, and an intricate plot. What’s more, certain choices and sidequests completed (or failed) actually carry vast repercussions. Role playing games on consoles often don’t translate well, but “Ultimate Alliance” feels as though it were designed specifically for console use. Voice acting is wonderful, and there’s a high replay value. Unique and inventive set pieces are reason enough to venture through the game on higher difficulties. The sequel is a decent choice as well, and “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2” follows the Marvel Civil War.

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