They’re OK! One Direction pose for NEW selfie – Zayn Malik, Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson etc reunite

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Finally people, it’s the picture we’ve all been waiting for. One Direction are all back together again.

The boys spent most of the start of 2014 apart, having landed a three month break from work after last year’s Take Me Home tour and after the band admitted that they hadn’t set eyes on each other when they briefly reunited for The Brit Awards last month, fans started to get uneasy.

Ever since there have been reports that the band are on the brink of splitting, that Harry Styles wants to go solo and that behind the scenes the singers just aren’t getting along.

However James Corden managed to catch the lads at their tour rehearsals this week and contrary to reports, they all look pretty happy and pleased with themselves in this shot.

Corden is guest editing The Sun today for Sports Relief Day and he asked the band to send a selfie for his showbiz section.

This is what he got.

The boys kick off their Where We Are tour in Colombia next month and before then they are also putting the finishing touches to some new songs for their fourth album.

One Direction are back!

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Right, there’s a few very important things we need to say about this.

If One Direction doesn’t work out, Zayn could make a great living working as a Jack Sparrow lookalike. Literally, it's uncanny.

Niall, if you’re trying to seduce us with those zebra print leggings, it’s absolutely successful. You ANIMAL.
Can Louis wear stripey face paint all the time? It makes him look well rugged.

We thought Harry would do rockstar chic the best, but instead it looks like he’s gone back to the fetus days with that swooshy fringe? It’s emotional.


what kinda delusion sugarscape

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