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Willam's "This Is Not The Beatdown" Ep. 25 - How To Tuck (w/ a hot bod~)
warriorholmes wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Hmmmmm........ I'm going to need an uncensored version RN.

and omg @ Willam smelling the tape after.


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Lmao omg this is amazing.

I love this bitch but I need him to make fun of youtube celebs some more.
The idea of what Willam would have to say of someone like housewife jen omg

Where's the non-tightassYouTube version of this?

have internet detectives id'ed the guy yet??

Apparently this is the guy in the video?

that's a very bad picture he's actually very cute especially without that tired hipster stash 

ugh that fucking hipster beard that will be so dated in a few years

looking at his instagram, his body looks a lot different than in the video........

gay white men are so full of shit with their pictures.

Based on the video above, all I could think was "I'm sure Willam knows SO MANY MEN with much better bodies than that," but, sans the beard, his face/body combo is really appealing.

im so into it. im wet for beards... i blame my sexual fascination with Jesus

I wanna have his type of body, I'm so skinny :(

you chose the worst photo

fuck! am I ugly :(

lol.. i knew i recognized him.. he's a local bartender.

lol it can't be good can it cause any damage?

I would never.

I went to the Red Dress Party last month and there are a lot of guys who make a drag spectacle about it, but my favorite part is it's a bunch of dudes in dresses. My penis was against the sheath of my $7 dress for whoever cared to noticed, as were a lot of guys

All that tape! Noooo.

ur icon makes me happy in my no-no place

A straight guy friend of mine thought drag queens had their peens removed. When I taught him about tucking he wouldn't stop talking about it for months

You know homeboy went home that night and tried it tbh

I'm not one of those gays who goes after straight guys or even finds them particularly appealing, but ones who get really into the gay thing (not in a James Franco exploitive kind of way) I find somehow kind of hot... like let me show you

"Let me tuck your penis" is probably not the best approach but some straight dudes are definitely vain enough to bang dudes just to feed their ego imo. "I'm so hot even gay guys want me" is rrreeaaal

the beatdown was a million times better and funnier

I have to stop myself from searching for pictures of tucking. Some things are better left to the imagination.

This is the strangest video I've ever seen.


I can't watch this right now because I'm at work, but Willam is my all time fav from Drag Race. He needs like a regular guest spot on talk show or something where he can talk shit and I can see him regularly.

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