Immortal + Ageless ONTD Girlfriend™, Tilda Swinton, Is Not Afraid Of Death

Tilda Swinton, who stars in the new Jim Jarmusch vampire flick, “Only Lovers Left Alive”, is not afraid of her own mortality.

I think in a funny way we all do live forever,” she told us Wednesday during a Cinema Society screening of the film at Landmark Sunshine. “There aren’t that many people who aren’t spoken about after they die... I think immortality is probably overrated. I am all for the adventure. It’s coming and I’m not frightened.

After, guests including Swinton’s younger boyfriend, artist Sandro Kopp, Patti Smith, Peter Sarsgaard, Christy Turlington and Joel Coen headed a W Magazine-sponsored bash at the Handy Liquor Bar.


This fearless and celestial creature of fabulousness... Your lesser faves wish they could be half as awesome as this erudite and transformative HBIC alien queen.

But I digress... Are you afraid of death or dying, ONTD?
Also... #goodriddancefred