Boy George: Straight artists have more impact on gay rights than gay artists

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Boy George has said straight artists appear to have more influence on LGBTI rights than gay artists. The British Culture Club singer has questioned whether Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit ‘Same Love’ would have had the same impact if the duo were gay. Speaking to News Ltd, he said: ‘If it had been a gay rapper that had done Same Love I think it probably wouldn’t have had the same impact…

‘It’s a weird thing about our culture. I think Same Love is a great record, I don’t care if he’s straight or gay, it doesn’t matter.

‘It shouldn’t matter, but unfortunately it does.’

He continued: ‘If you’re gay doing that song people think you’re preaching. No, it’s my life. It’s the same as a guy speaking about his girlfriend.

‘For some reason when you’re gay, people think you only talk about being gay.

‘I don’t, actually. My sexuality takes up about three hours a month. At a push. And I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of straight people.

‘If you look at how much you actually get down to business it’s really not as much of a priority as people think it is.’