'Gotham' Set photos give us look at Bullock & Penguin

We keep hearing more details about Fox’s ‘Gotham‘ and finally we have a few shots from the show being created! While not the full cast we do get to see Ben McKenzie (‘The O.C.’, ‘Southland’) as Detective Jim Gordon, Donal Logue (‘Max Payne’, Blade’) as Harvey Bullock, and Robin Lord Taylor (The Walking Dead‘, ‘Another Earth’) as The Penguin! No shots yet of David Mazouz (‘Touch’) as Bruce Wayne though there is reference to his parents slayings in the shots below.

If you zoom in on the headline on the paper that The Penguin is reading in the last shot you might notice that it says “HERO COPS SLAY WAYNE KILLER: WAYNE FUNERAL SUNDAY” with The Penguin smirking. Is he enjoying the fall of the rich or does he know something that the paper doesn’t know? At the very least it would appear that a pair of police, possibly Gordon and Bullock, kill who they believe to be responsible for the deaths of Bruce’s parents.

What do you think of the first shots from ‘Gotham’? Do the characters have the look you want to see for them?

gotham loves their old timey cars


Bullock's looking pretty on point, he just needs to gain some weight and get some grease stains on that outfit