ONTD Girlfriend™, Tilda Swinton, Eats Sushi With ONTD Boyfriend™, Chris Evans On A Train And More!

OP: Mark your calendars, ONTD peeps in the US. Bong Joon-Ho's critically-acclaimed sci-fi dystopian epic, "Snowpiercer", will finally arrive on American theaters this June 27 in its original uncut version after a months-long battle with The Weinstein Company concerning the editing of certain parts in the film. Despite getting a slow rollout via limited-release and VOD before TWC decides to push a wide release for the film, "Snowpiercer" is already gaining much traction from critics who have seen the film and audiences will be curious to try it out considering it stars Marvel Studios stud (and ONTD Boyfriend™) Chris Evans in the lead role. To whet your appetites for "Snowpiercer", a bunch of new clips have surfaced online (albeit with Italian dubs) after the film was recently released in Italy.

The first video above shows the character of Mason (played by ONTD Girlfriend™, Tilda Swinton), guiding Chris Evans and his Tail Section cohorts (including Octavia Spencer, Ko Ah-Sung, and Song Kang-Ho) through the Greenhouse and Aquarium sections of the Snowpiercer before inviting them to eat some sushi at the adjacent bar. Mason goes on to comment that her Tail Section captors are quite lucky to have been served sushi considering it is only served twice a year--in January and July. Two more new and exclusive preview clips of "Snowpiercer" can be found after the cut.


Curtis (Chris Evans) leads Edgar (Jamie Bell) and his ragtag band of Tail Section rebels to face off against the masked army of soldiers deployed by the Snowpiercer's maniacal prime minister, Mason (Tilda Swinton).

Curtis (Chris Evans) duels with one of Mason's loyal minions, Franco the Elder (Vlad Ivanov), in a gunfight.

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Snowpiercer will come to slay and you will deal, ONTD, oh ye who are doubtful unbelievers...