'Total Divas' recap: What does WWE superstar John Cena have to say to Nikki Bella?


"Total Divas," the reality show featuring select WWE Divas, returned for its second season Sunday night. While we were introduced to a new cast member, we also continued with some of the same relationship drama we encountered in the first season.

One of the top stories of the season two premiere: The status of WWE superstar John Cena and Diva Nikki Bella's relationship. When season one ended, we were left with Nikki pondering her future with Cena. While Nikki wants marriage and children, Cena wants none of that.

In the first episode of season two, we see a couple of scenes where Cena and Nikki are backstage together at WWE events, but they hardly look at each other and they don't engage in conversation.

Nikki and her sister, fellow WWE Diva Brie Bella, make an appearance at Wizard World Austin Comic Con. Another WWE star appearing at the event? Cena. After the Bellas wrap up signing autographs, Cena stops over for some quick photos. He hugs Nikki and asks her how she's doing. So, that's progress.

At the end of the episode, Nikki, who has moved out of Cena's house and is living in her mom's condo in San Diego, receives a text from Cena. He is flying to San Diego and wants to meet Nikki for dinner.

Nikki gets dressed up and meets Cena at the end of a pier. Cena greets her with flowers and wine. She says, "Well, I'm here." And that's how this week's episode ends.

What does this mean for Cena and Nikki's relationship? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Other tidbits from the season two premiere of "Total Divas":


- Summer Rae, a rising star in the Divas division, made her "Total Divas" debut. She joins the cast this season. While she didn't play a major role in this week's episode, it appears she will have a more prominent role as the season progresses. (JOJO is no longer on the show)


- Eva Marie, who encountered resistance from her mother, father and brothers when she informed them last season that she was engaged, received more heat in the season two premiere when she informs them that she is now married. Her brothers and father don't take it well and they criticize her decision. They said she did it without their blessing. She sheds a few tears, but clearly isn't stepping back from her decision.

- WWE superstar Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, who are engaged, go wedding shopping with Nikki. While Nikki was along for the ride for a short time, she decided to leave in the middle of shopping.

- What to watch for this season: Natalya seems to be jealous of all the newbies and that has carried over to Summer Rae. One of the "Total Divas" previews for later in the season shows Summer Rae slapping Natalya. So, things will get rocky between these two moving forward.